Multiple Cover Images for People en Español Shot at The Temple House

The Temple House is the preferred Miami Beach location for photo studio and film production work of all kinds. For example, if you peruse the newsstands today you will see the fresh-off-the-press "Los 50 Más Bellos" issue of People en Español - and photography for all three magazine covers was done on location at The Temple House.

People En Espanol at The Temple House

People Magazine Photo Shoot in Miami Beach at The Temple House

We enjoyed having David Zepeda, Lucero, Sebastian Rulli, Eugenio Siller, Rafael Amaya, Erick Elias and Jencarlos Canela all dressed-up-dapper and smiling for the cameras against the "Blank Canvas" backdrop of our Miami Beach venue!

People En Espanol at The Temple House

The Most Beautiful People definitely deserve The Most Beautiful Studio Location for their photo shoot -- and The Temple House, as always, helped them get the job done!

People En Espanol at The Temple House

Rafael Amaya with Temple House owner, Dan Davidson during the People Magazine Photo Shoot

Be sure to pick up a copy of the issue -- and if you're a photographer or filmmaker looking for that perfect production location in Miami Beach - Contact Us Today!