Ethan's Empire - A Mitzvah Suited for a King

When a client of The Temple House said they wanted to have a King of The Empire themed Bar Mitzvah, The Temple House events team knew exactly how to create an event designed exclusively for royalty.  The custom décor  and every fabulous detail was dedicated to the man-of-the-hour and his royal “coming of age”.   With an enormous golden globe (because he ruled the world for the night), crowns taller than life, regal furniture and life size horses with crystal beaded chandeliers, the Bar Mitzvah king sat in his own custom throne commanding one of the biggest nights of his life.   Of course, the dazzling 360-degree projection mapping elevated the noble ambiance to a whole new level.  There was non-stop themed enjoyment all night, that kept the party going until the very end. The royal feast was provided Thierry's Catering.